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We’re Excited to Welcome Our Newest Teacher: Michael G.

michael gasparroWe’re pleased to introduce Michael G.—acrobatic tenor, talented pianist, and newest addition to our sterling team of music teachers. The Dallas, TX transplant graduated with a degree in music from Baylor University, and has worked as a music director, instructor, and professional singer ever since. He’s worn a whole closet’s worth of hats in some of the finest Dallas music conservatories, including Dallas Conservatory for the Arts, and Texas Creative Arts Academy. On any given day, you might find Michael directing a musical; coaching classical and contemporary piano; leading a choir; or pouring his heart into some pop song, aria, or showtune on stage. And just to clarify, we don’t say things like, “pouring his heart into” unless we really mean it. Check out this video of Michael, be sure to keep watching till the end, and then tell me with a straight face that you don’t want the vocal exercises he’s doling out.

If you are interested in a trial lesson with Michael, and you are in the Glendale or Costa Mesa area, let us know at [email protected]. Spots are limited!

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