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We Warmly Welcome Two New Music Teachers

We’re thrilled to add two fantastic music teachers to the MM team.

Aaron: Voice, Piano, Guitar, & Performing Arts

aaron schwartzFirst off, let me say that I first met Aaron when I was five-years-old. Back then, he could only land peripheral roles in the school plays, but he could always put a smile on your face. Cut to now, and he has a music and leadership background too extensive to fit on two pages in reasonably sized font. On top of his bachelor’s in music education, Aaron has experience as a musical theater buff; a competitive a capella singer; a choral section leader; a private voice, piano, and guitar teacher; and a composer.

Lauren: Voice, Piano, Guitar, Cello, & Performing Arts

laurencelloWe are proud to introduce Lauren, Master of Fine Arts in vocal performance. Not only is she a professional singer, she has years of theater arts experience and teaches piano, guitar, and cello. She’s got an advanced degree and years of experience with K-6th graders, so whether your mother or your child wants music lessons, you know you’re in great hands.

If you want a trial lesson with either of these outstanding teachers, give us a call or shoot us an email. These spots will fill up quickly.


  1. Was wondering more about Lauren, where is she located? We are 92675

    • Hey Joey,

      Check your email. We’re sending you details!



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