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The following post was written by our Program Manager, Anne.

What is Studio M? What does the M stand for? Is it an actual place? I’ll be letting you in on all of that, as well as telling you about our in-home and group classes.

Studio M is the name that we have given our group classes because they are more than just Glee classes where students sing songs together. Our Studio M classes teach students real-world commercial music skills, from contemporary vocal skills, to pop performance technique. Classes allow students to sing the songs that they are interested in, as well as get acquainted with songs that they don’t know. It is a chance for them to learn to use microphones effectively and work on stage fright with others, to sing solos and also to harmonize in small groups. It can be an introductory step into private lessons or the place that students feel most comfortable and ready to grow as musicians.

We have two incarnations of our group classes. The first type is our in-studio group classes. Held on Tuesdays in Irvine for ages 9 -12 and Thursdays in Costa Mesa for ages 7 – 9, our in-studio group classes are year round and get a lot of performance opportunities in our recitals, as well as other venues that crop up.

We also have our after-school group classes. These are run at the schools, usually for 7 to 10-week sessions. Students always have a chance to do the recital at the end of the group class. And of course we run for the course of the school year, but if you want to keep singing in the summer, our in-studio classes are there for you, too!

Studio M is, unfortunately, not an actual place that students can go to learn to sing. But we hope that both our in-studio and after-school Studio M classes are a great starting place for students to begin to explore the great world of singing.

And what does the M stand for? Is it Molly? Is it Music? Well, you will need to visit to find out!

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