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Why Learn Ukulele?

As we talked about in another ukulele post, the uke has mushroomed in popularity recently. More and more people, from beginning music students, to pop stars, are choosing the instrument. In order to accommodate this growing interest, Molly’s Music will be offering a summer ukulele workshop at our Costa Mesa location every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

But first thing’s first. Why is the instrument getting so popular? Why learn ukulele?

1. It’s Easy!

The ukulele is one of the easier instruments you can pick up. There are only 4 strings, as opposed to the guitar, which typically has 6. There are several popular chords you can play by just pressing a string with one finger. It’s possible to play a simple song within a day or two of picking up the instrument.

2. All the Cool Kids Are Doing It.

Joking, of course, but in all seriousness, it has become a popular instrument for pop singers. You’ll hear it featured prominently in the music of Vance Joy, Jason Mraz, and Ingrid Michaelson. Because of that, it’s very likely that some of your favorite music will sound great on the uke.

3. Young Kids Can Take It Up

While guitar strings might be too difficult for little fingers to push down on, the fine strings of a ukulele can be played by much smaller hands. It’s great if you think you might want to take up guitar one day but just aren’t ready.

4. It’s Perfect For Accompaniment

If you’re a singer, there’s very little that you’ll find more liberating than learning to accompany yourself. And if you don’t want the time commitment of a more involved instrument, you can learn to accompany yourself fast on the ukulele and go solo at venues soon after taking it up.

5. It Makes You Smile

Listen to the happy, Hawaiian-infused strums of the ukulele, and try not to smile. I dare you!

If you’d like to learn more about our ukulele lessons in Orange County, give us a call at 800-581-4609, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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