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Why You Should do our Teen-Adult Recital

The following was written by our Program Manager, Anne.

Okay. So let’s pretend that you’re an adult. I don’t have to pretend, unfortunately. Now pretend that you really love music. Again, I am not pretending. I really love music. Third thing, pretend that you have decided to take lessons, and your teacher mentions that the Molly’s Music Teen/Adult Recital is on November 5th and they would like you to perform. That teacher might be me. And now you feel concerned because performing can be terrifying. So here are my top 5 reasons why you should perform at the Teen/Adult Recital:

1. Everyone is in the Same Boat as You

You don’t need to worry about going up to perform after someone whose performance would make Beyonce jealous. While everyone is at varying levels of ability, everyone is a student. They are all learning, and growing as musicians. They are all making mistakes and having victories in their lessons, just like you. Everyone else is nervous to perform. But most importantly, everyone there wants you to do well. Your teacher, the other teachers, me (I’ll be there because I coordinate the recitals. You can look at me. I get scared performing, too), the other performers, your friends and family, their friends and family, everyone wants you do to well.

2. You’ll Never Be Perfect

If you feel like you need to reach a certain level, or get to a certain point in order to perform at a recital, you don’t. There’s nothing precious about performing. You can’t break it. And most importantly, you won’t feel more comfortable with it and get better at it until you do it. However, I don’t want you to confuse perfection with preparation. You definitely want to know your song!

3. You Are Better Than You Think You Are

You’ve already improved. If you’ve been going to your lessons, listening to your teachers, working hard on making those changes that they’re asking you for, then you’ve already improved. You’re better than where you started. You’ve worked hard, and you can show off all of that hard work to your friends and family.

4. You Never Have to Do It Again

If you’ve never performed before, it’s possible that you’ll really like it. Performing is my favorite thing to do (my second favorite is visiting National Parks, and my third favorite is reminding my cat that I have thumbs and she doesn’t). It is also possible that you won’t like it. And if you don’t , you don’t have to do it again. But what if you like it, and you never get a chance to try? This is a laid-back setting that’s friendly and supportive, and a great place to find out.

5. It Is a Goal

If you’re really nervous to do it, then use the recital as a goal. Bring that one song that you really want to sing, work on it with your teacher, and then get up there and sing it. And no matter what happens, you’ve done it.

For more information on our next Teen-Adult Recital, or to RSVP, please contact me at [email protected]!

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