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Music Lessons in Laguna Niguel

Fun Fact: The Chet Holifield Federal Building—that huge Ziggurat Building on Avila Road—was designed by William Pereira, the same architect who designed the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.

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Voice Lessons

Hone your technique while singing what you want to sing. Our teachers specialize in everything from pop, to R&B, to Broadway, to opera.

Piano Lessons

We’ll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard’s your style), whether you’re into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. 

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About Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel is an exciting place for us to offer music lessons, and not just because of the stunning landscape and proximity to Laguna Beach. Many of our Laguna Niguel students attend South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA), the district-wide arts program in the Capistrano Unified School District. We’ve worked with many singers and instrumentalists on their auditions for and within the program.

Laguna Niguel

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Voice Lessons in Laguna Niguel

At Molly’s Music, singing lessons are our specialty, and we gear them toward the unique interests of individual students. Because of access to SOCSA, many of our adolescent and teenage students taking voice lessons in Laguna Niguel are preparing for musical theatre and choral auditions, along with pieces they need to prepare for their particular performing arts departments.

But it isn’t just SOCSA students we work with. We’ve taught kids and adults of all ages and have worked on everything from classical, to bluegrass, to metal. We believe students learn the best when they’re singing what they love.

Piano Lessons in Laguna Niguel

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments. From the grand piano in the concert hall to the keyboard at the coffee shop, a pianist can find a home for her skills in a wide variety of settings. When we teach piano lessons in Laguna Niguel, we work with everyone from young beginners, to advanced students working on piano concertos, because we adapt our approach to the students’ needs.

Even though our students come to us with a variety of goals, one of our favorite uses for the piano is self-accompaniment. We love teaching students a quick chordal approach to piano that quickly allows them to accompany themselves on their favorite music while they sing. What could be more cathartic?

Guitar Lessons in Laguna Niguel

As we’re a vocal and artist development school, it’s no surprise that guitar is probably our most popular instrument. The ultimate singer-songwriter instrument, the guitar is ultra-portable, commercial-sounding, and perfect for self-accompaniment. Many of our students bring their guitars along to one of our biannual teen-adult open mic nights, where they either play an instrumental piece or strum and sing for a local crowd.

While some families in the area choose to zip down to our Irvine studio, others opt for the convenience of in-home guitar lessons in Laguna Niguel. Luckily, your guitar can be with you wherever you choose to take your lessons.

Why We Love Laguna Niguel

What’s not to like about Laguna Niguel? The weather is gorgeous, it’s right by Laguna Beach, and there’s plenty to do in the community.


  • There’s a significant number of beautiful parks in the area.
  • The South Orange County School of the Arts has performance opportunities in a variety of fields.
  • Concerts in the Park is a fun way to spend your Friday night through the summer months.
  • The Haunted Trail is a favorite Halloween event for kids in the area 8 and up.
  • The Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade features marching bands ,civic groups, and schools.
  • It’s right by Laguna Beach, one of the most artistic communities in all of South

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.