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Music Lessons in Los Alamitos

Fun Fact: Molly auditioned for and got accepted to OCHSA when it was still a part of Los Alamitos but opted out of attending the program because she couldn’t bring herself to spend an hour on the freeway every morning.

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Voice Lessons

Hone your technique while singing what you want to sing. Our teachers specialize in everything from pop, to R&B, to Broadway, to opera.

Piano Lessons

We’ll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard’s your style), whether you’re into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. 

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About Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos is famous in the local music community for being the original home of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA)—formerly “OCHSA” before the school moved to Santa Ana. But what is less known is that Los Alamitos High School still maintains one of the best vocal music programs in the country. Two of their choirs are National Grand Champions, and the high school itself was named one of the top 100 high schools in America by Newsweek Magazine. That’s why at Molly’s Music, we couldn’t be more excited to teach music lessons to the wonderful Los Alamitos community.

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Voice Lessons in Los Alamitos

With such a reputable choral program, it’s unsurprising that we get plenty of requests for singing lessons in Los Alamitos. While some students hop on the 405 in order to take studio lessons in Costa Mesa with us, most prefer to skip the commute and opt for music lessons in their homes in Los Alamitos.

While we certainly get plenty of requests for help auditioning for the Los Alamitos choirs (along with auditions for solos once in the program), we teach a wide range of other students as well. We tailor our singing lessons to the individual student and will help you create a program based on your own unique set of goals, whether they include singing pop songs at your local open mic night, auditioning for Broadway, or getting into a choral program at Los Alamitos High School.

Piano Lessons in Los Alamitos

If you’re looking to take piano lessons in Los Alamitos, you’re in good company. The classical pianist and composer Kit Armstrong comes from the city and attended OCHSA when it was still part of Los Alamitos High. Even if your musical aspirations aren’t to be the next Kit, the piano is still arguably the best foundational instrument you can learn and is perfect for concert pianists and singer-songwriters alike.

Whether you’re using the piano as a great starting point for other musical endeavors or hope to make the instrument your career, we have you covered. For those looking for studio lessons, our Costa Mesa studio features a beautiful Kawai grand piano, but if you’d rather take lessons in your own Los Alamitos home, we’re just as happy to teach you on your own piano or keyboard.

Guitar Lessons in Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos has been the home of a countless number of guitarists, from Joe Escalante, bass guitarist for the Vandals, to Nikki Monninger of Silversun Pickups. We hope you’ll decide to take guitar lessons in Los Alamitos and be the next successful guitarist to come from there!

The guitar is an extremely versatile instrument, equally perfect for starting a rock band and for strumming and singing your favorite Colbie Caillat song. At Molly’s Music, we specialize in artist development and will help create a rounded program for you to reach your full potential as an artist, whether that means being the next Eric Clapton or the next Taylor Swift. Almost all of our instrument teachers are also voice teachers or vocal coaches, so we’d be happy to help you accompany yourself and cheer you on when you perform for the first, or second (or five-hundredth) time.

Why We Love Los Alamitos

Los Alamitos is a small city with the venues, musical opportunities and list of success stories of a major city.


  • The Los Alamitos High School choral program is reason enough for a singer to want to live there
  • Impressive list of musicians came out of the city, from Scott Klopfenstein, to Aaron Barrett.
  • Significant number of actors and actresses came out of the city, from Allison Mack, to Jodie Sweeten, to Cathy Rigby, Kami Cotler and many others
  • Starting Gate is a well loved live performance venue, featuring comedy acts, dancing, bands, and karaoke
  • Laurel Park offers Music and Movies in the park on Saturday nights

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.