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Music Lessons in Mission Viejo

Fun Fact: One of our Mission Viejo vocal students was accepted into the National Honors Choir that performs at Carnegie Hall. She recorded her audition CD at our very own Orange Rhymes Recording Studio.

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Voice Lessons

Hone your technique while singing what you want to sing. Our teachers specialize in everything from pop, to R&B, to Broadway, to opera.

Piano Lessons

We’ll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard’s your style), whether you’re into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. 

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About Mission Viejo

At Molly’s Music, we offer private in-home music lessons throughout Orange County. Mission Viejo is one of the cities we’re most excited about because of our new partnership with Creative Kids Playhouse, a wonderful children’s theatre that perfectly embodies our school’s philosophy about the education and development of the individual student. 

Mission Viejo

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Voice Lessons in Mission Viejo

Our Mission Viejo vocal students sometimes choose to travel to our Costa Mesa studio or hop on the toll road to our Orange Park Acres studio. But most of them opt for the convenience of in-home singing lessons in Mission Viejo.

We teach students with a wide variety of interests and musical backgrounds. We don’t favor one genre over another and, instead, guide our students toward what they’re best suited for and most passionate about. Whether you need help with your new solo at Creative Kids Playhouse or want to work on a Katy Perry song for the next SOCAL Icon audition, we have you covered and are excited to work with you!

Piano Lessons in Mission Viejo

The piano is the perfect instrument to help build a solid musical foundation. It’s one of the most common instruments for kids to begin learning music on and one of the most rewarding, versatile instruments to be able to play later in life. Some of our piano students favor our Costa Mesa studio for its beautiful Kawai grand piano, but as with singing lessons, most prefer to take piano lessons in Mission Viejo and have a Molly’s Music teacher drive to their home.

The piano may evoke memories of hours worth of frustrating Hanon and Czerny exercises for some parents, but our piano lessons are anything but stodgy. While we love teaching classical piano lessons to those who are interested, we’re just as happy to help our students accompany themselves while they sing Sara Bareilles and John Legend songs.

Guitar Lessons in Mission Viejo

The guitar is an ideal instrument for singer-songwriters, rock stars, campfire sing-alongs, and classical concert halls. It fits in any number of settings, and our teachers will tailor your lessons according to your unique set of goals. Whether you’re planning to strum and sing your original music at Cool Beans Coffee House or jam with Mick Jagger, we can help you work toward your goals. Because almost all of our instrument teachers also instruct voice lessons, we’ll happily pair you with someone who can help you play while you sing!

It’s particularly easy taking in-home guitar lessons in Mission Viejo because you don’t need anything other than your guitar, your music teacher, and your music books (or iPad, for the tech savvy). So grab a guitar, tell us a little bit about your musical tastes, and we’ll guide you through the rest!

Why We Love Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo was named one of the safest cities in the United States in a recent crime statistic survey. But the incredibly low crime rate doesn’t sum up why it’s a great place to live.


  • Excellent school district, including Mission Viejo High School, whose choir travels to New York City.
  • Creative Kids Playhouse, for a wonderful, educational musical theatre experience for children
  • Cool Beans Coffee House, for a relaxed, open-mic night every Friday
  • O’Neill’s Bar and Grill has live jazz and blues
  • Their Summer Concert Series in Mission Viejo features some huge names in the pop music industry, like ZZ Ward and the Pointer Sisters, along with others genres, including jazz and classical.
  • The Pacific Symphony puts on Symphony in the Cities at Oso Viejo Community Park, including a concert and a Musical Playground for Children

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.