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Music Lessons in Tustin

Fun Fact: When Molly and her first associate teacher, Janelle, began their teaching careers, they hung out between students in Tustin, frequenting Tustin Pizza and other cheap local haunts.

Our Services

Voice Lessons

Hone your technique while singing what you want to sing. Our teachers specialize in everything from pop, to R&B, to Broadway, to opera.

Piano Lessons

We’ll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard’s your style), whether you’re into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. 

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About Tustin

Tustin is a fun city for our teachers because Foothill High School has one of the best music programs in Orange County. The choirs there are especially prestigious, and it doesn’t get much more fun than their Knights Dinner Theater events, which Molly has enjoyed watching her vocal students perform in.

Centrally located, Tustin affords a variety of convenient music lesson options to its families. Many of our students closer to the Tustin Ranch area travel to our nearby Orange Park Acres studio, but the ones on the southern end of Tustin often opt to zip down the 55 and go to our Costa Mesa location or Irvine location. For those who’d prefer to have us come to you, we’re proud to offer in-home music lessons in Tustin.


Music Lessons

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Voice Lessons in Tustin

Throughout our many years offering singing lessons in Tustin, we’ve helped countless vocal students get accepted into the Madrigals and other advanced choirs at Foothill. We’ll have you sounding amazing on “Danny Boy” for your audition in no time.

But if choir isn’t your thing, Molly’s Music is committed to tailoring our lessons to the individual student. Whether you want to be a chorister or a rock star, a Broadway singer or a shower singer, we’ll help you learn to sing the styles and songs you care most about.

Piano Lessons in Tustin

The piano is our pick for children getting started with music. Not only do beginner piano lessons offer kids a linear representation of the musical alphabet, but it makes music reading accessible on two different staffs.

But piano lessons aren’t just great for kids. The instrument has stunning range and versatility and is wonderful for everyone from classical musicians to singer-songwriters. Take in-home piano lessons in Tustin on your own piano or keyboard, or join us at one of our two studios. Our Costa Mesa studio features a beautiful Kawai grand.

Guitar Lessons in Tustin

Guitar is a particularly popular instrument to take alongside voice lessons, as it tends to be the singer-songwriter instrument of choice. At Molly’s Music, we specialize in artist development, and if accompanying yourself while you sing is part of your vision, we’ll happily pair you with a teacher who can instruct you in both singing and guitar.

If you’d prefer to leave the singing to other people though and see yourself shredding on electric guitar breaks or fingerpicking classical guitar solos, we’ll be sure to send someone your way who can help you achieve the best possible technique.

Because of the ease of guitar lessons (all you need is your instrument, your teacher, a pick, and a capo) most of our students choose to take in-home guitar lessons in Tustin, but if your home doesn’t feel like a good environment for lessons, we’re more than happy to set you up with studio lessons instead.

Why We Love Tustin

From a great school district, to a wonderful central location, Tustin is a great place to live. It’s even the city where the character John Locke of Lost hailed from. Here are some of the highlights for us.


  • The Foothill High choir program is one of our favorites in the county.
  • Encore Dinner Theatre, if you happen to like both food and Broadway.
  • 17th Street Bar and Grill for live music.
  • Old Town Tustin for its beautiful great character and charming buildings which date back to the 1880’s.
  • The Tustin Street Fair if you enjoy chili cook-offs and watermelon eating contests. And who doesn’t?
  • A variety of wonderful parks, for everyone from playground-loving kids to hikers alike.

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.