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Music Lessons in Villa Park

Fun Fact: Oakridge Private School, in Villa Park, is where the Molly’s Music Foundation first began offering in-school and after-school music programs.

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Voice Lessons

Hone your technique while singing what you want to sing. Our teachers specialize in everything from pop, to R&B, to Broadway, to opera.

Piano Lessons

We’ll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard’s your style), whether you’re into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff.

Guitar Lessons

Our guitar lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. 

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About Villa Park

Villa Park is only about 5 minutes from our Orange Park Acres studio, so many of our Villa Park music students opt for studio lessons. But plenty of our busy families opt for the convenience of in-home music lessons, and since our studio is so nearby, you’ll have a variety of teachers happy to make the drive!

Villa Park also holds a special place in our hearts because it’s the home of Oakridge Private School, whose music program is staffed by the Molly’s Music Foundation and run by our very own Anne.

Villa Park

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Voice Lessons in Villa Park

Our vocal students in Villa Park come from a variety of excellent schools and music programs in the Orange Unified School District, including El Modena, Canyon High School, and Villa Park High. We often work with kids from the acclaimed musical theatre program at El Rancho Middle School, where tween viral pop sensations Rebecca Black and Alana Lee started their musical adventures.

At Molly’s Music, our vocal lessons are tailored to the individual student. Whether you’re looking for musical theatre lessons or classical voice lessons, or whether you have ambitions to be the next viral pop sensation, we’re excited to work with you. If you opt for our Orange studio lessons, we’ll record your singing lesson using our professional recording equipment and email you a copy of your lesson. If you’d prefer in-home singing lessons in Villa Park, we’ll help you figure out the best way to record your lesson using your phone or another device.

Piano Lessons in Villa Park

We’ll teach you how to play the piano, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced pianist. Our nearby Orange studio features a best-in-class fully weighted Yamaha keyboard, perfect for both learning to play on and record with. If in-home piano lessons in Villa Park sound more relaxing, we’ll gladly send a great piano teacher your way.

While many people choose the piano because it’s a perfect instrument to learn the fundamentals of music on, a second, but an equally valid reason to choose it is its role as an accompaniment instrument. Singer-songwriters from Elton John and Billy Joel to John Legend and Sara Bareilles have created their music on the piano. Because almost all of our instrument teachers are also voice teachers or vocal coaches, we’ll find someone who can help you with both if your goal is to sing and play. And if a more formal approach, culminating in works by Mozart and Chopin is more your style, we’ll have you reading music in no time!

Guitar Lessons in Villa Park

From Robert Plant to Taylor Swift, a whole host of musicians have made the guitar their instrument. While the piano may be everyone’s favorite starter instrument, the guitar tends to be the singer-songwriter instrument of choice. And why not? It’s extremely portable, great for strumming chords, and just as perfect at a campfire under the stars as it is in a rock stadium.

Come to our Orange studio or take in-home guitar lessons in Villa Park. Whether you’re an electric or an acoustic person, and whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock ’n roll, we’ll find you a teacher to help you meet your goals and get you playing your favorite music.

Why We Love Villa Park

Villa Park may be the least populated city in Orange County, but it has a lot to offer.


  • Beautiful winding streets that are less urban in feel than other areas of the county
  • Rockwell’s Bakery for the brave souls who want to try karaoke
  • The Villa Park Public Library: yes, there are still a few of them left.
  • Best of all, its only a few blocks from our studio!

Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.