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Looking for in-studio guitar or voice lessons in Irvine, CA? You’ll find our newest Molly’s Music location at Dancing Keys Music Studio, 4672 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92604.

Located in the Woodbridge Village Center, this fantastic space makes it easy for you to grab some coffee or a decedent pastry at Champagne French Bakery Café while your child has his or her music lesson. If you want to complement music lessons with some high-quality dance lessons, the famous Focus Dance Center is also our neighbor.

The Irvine studio has a spacious waiting room, along with well-equipped teaching rooms: two large ones and one smaller one for private music lessons. South Orange County cities of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo will find the new location particularly convenient.


4672 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, Ca 92604

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Irvine is home to our newest Orange County studio. Because of our partnership with Dancing Keys Music Studio, you can now find us teaching out of the Dancing Keys studio, located conveniently in the Woodbridge Village Center. If you’d prefer the comfort and convenience of in-home music lessons in Irvine, we’d be happy to send a great teacher right to your home.

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Voice Lessons

Molly’s Music in a wide variety of genres, from classical all the way to pop and rock. All of our teachers have at least a bachelor’s degree in music or the educational equivalent. Teaching voice lessons in Irvine is rewarding because the sprawling city has so many performance outlets. Many of our most motivated vocal students come from the prestigious musical theatre BFA program at UC Irvine, seeking help for their notoriously competitive auditions. These lucky students get to work with the likes of Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Schwartz, two of Molly’s personal heroes. Students have also played starring roles in Musical Theatre Village.

The techniques we cover include foundational material, like the basics of breathing, pitch, and vocal registers but then branch out into more advanced stylistic practices like healthy belting, vibrato control, and vocal ornamentation—all tailored around the individual student.

Piano Lessons

Because of our partnership with Dancing Keys, Molly’s Music currently only offers in-home piano lessons in Irvine, unless the piano is an accompaniment to voice lessons. Though we teach many instruments, our approach to piano lessons is unique. While we teach our students the fundamentals of piano and music theory, we also give the lessons a fresh, contemporary twist. No more fighting your kids to go to piano lessons, because we encourage our students to choose music that they love. And you’d be surprised, but the music they love can be just as challenging to learn as the music they’re supposed to love. There’s nothing easy about learning to play a contemporary song well.

Our specialty is combining piano with voice lessons and teaching students to accompany themselves. Almost all of our piano teachers also teach singing lessons. We focus on developing artists as a whole so that they’re empowered to go out into the world and create their own music.

Guitar Lessons

With the Irvine Spectrum as a nearby performance venue, we get frequent requests for guitar lessons in Irvine. Walking around the Spectrum on a long summer evening, you’ll constantly be surprised by the amount of talent in Orange County. As with piano, we often help our students learn to accompany themselves so that they can go out into the community and perform. In fact, if you’ve been to the Spectrum during performance season, you’ve probably heard one of our students.

From electric guitar, to classical guitar, to simple folksy strumming patterns, we can help you reach your musical goals.


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