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Private singing lessons are wonderful, and there’s no better way to get down to the nitty gritty of vocal technique, but there are some great things about singing in a group that private lessons just can’t replicate. The energy and comraderie that comes from learning to sing in a group environment makes for an unbeatable experience.

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  • Singing with others is a great way to improve your own sense of pitch, especially in a multi-level class 

  • A group singing environment will teach you to blend your voice 

  • Learning how to harmonize is much easier in a group environment

  • Singing with other people is just fun!

  • Having to keep time with other singers helps your sense of rhythm and timing 

  • Group singing lessons will allow students to perform in front of one another, allowing them to begin to combat stage fright before ever going on stage

  • Group singing lets you make friends with similar interests 


Our Offerings

In-Home Lessons

It’s more than just skipping the drive time that makes having music lessons in your home so convenient!

Semi-Private Lessons

All the benefits of individualized attention private lessons afford with the additional perk of taking lessons with a friend (or 3). Learn to harmonize, start your own duo or band, and make lifelong musical friendships in this unique lesson setting. 

Studio M

Our after-school pop singing program, Studio M gives students the tools they need to succeed in the modern music industry: pop vocal skills, microphone technique, as well as solo and small group performance practice. 

Open Clinics

Throughout the summer, we hold open voice clinics, where students come together to present the songs they’ve been working on with their private vocal teacher (or on their own). Since singing in front of a group is a whole different ballgame than singing in private, it’s important to regularly fine-tune your technique and performance skills in front of a supportive group.

Pop Star Camp

Our annual Pop Star Camp (link to Pop Star Camp page) is a week-long intro into the art of pop singing and performance. Students work in groups, as well as one-on-one with their teachers, sing in a masterclass, and put on a spotlight performance, complete with costumes and accessories. 

Pre-Recital Masterclass

Before every Kid-Teen Recital comes our Pre-Recital Masterclass. The Masterclass developed organically a few years ago, when some students needed extra help before a recital to calm their nerves, and it’s since become an important facet of our recital program. A day or two before the recital, students gather to practice their recital songs in front of one another, get feedback from both voice teachers and peers, and do some last-minute polishing on their songs. 


Annual Recitals


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Without music life would be a mistake.

– Fredrich Nietzche

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