About Michael

voice | piano | Bass | Drums | Violin | songwriting

My Story

Michael Steiner’s love for music began at 8-years-old when he started learning the violin. Since then, he has been involved in a plethora of musical endeavors including everything from orchestras and strings groups to post punk hardcore bands. He currently performs as a singer songwriter and is an active performing musician.

In 2008 Michael attended the Calvary Chapel School of Worship where he studied musical theory and received training in vocal performance, songwriting, group collaboration, and musicianship. He graduated the school in 2009. Michael has offered his skills as a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, violinist, and songwriter to various groups and bands, and has served as a music director and worship leader for several churches.

Michael loves to share his passion for music through teaching, with experience in teaching a wide range of students from 6 year-olds wanting to learn their favorite radio hits, to aspiring young performers, to adults looking to enrich their lives through mastering an instrument. Michael believes in helping students become skilled musicians who find their own individual and creative styles.

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