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Voice Lessons

Online Singing Lessons

Expert vocal coaching is as close as your laptop

Maybe you’re across the country, or maybe you just can’t justify clearing 2+ hours out of your schedule for lessons. Either way, we’re here to enrich your life, not complicate it. You’ll get the same caliber coaching over Skype as you’d get at our studios. Say hi to your dog for us!

Online Lessons

Our Music School Teaches Serious Music Lessons, Offline and Online

We’ve been waiting years for the technology to reach a level where online singing lessons can be just as effective as in-person ones. Now that we feel it has reached a critical level, we’re ready to extend an invitation to you to study voice lessons with us. We’re not a service that ‘hooks you up’ with music teachers in your area; we’re a music school with our own staff who wants to see your singing flourish, no matter what your location, schedule, or goals.

Hi Tech

We Have The Technology

First off, we use the term Online Lessons to mean ‘webcam lessons.’ We use the video platform which we think is most suitable for music lessons. The nuances of the human voice present a particular challenge to online singing lessons, but with so much competition in the video chat arena, we finally found a platform that did the job really well — 20 different options, and only one made the cut. Here are some features you have to look forward to:

Full Duplex Sound

When two people try to talk at the same time on either end of Skype, only one person can be heard. That’s half-duplex. Full-duplex sound allows both people to speak freely at the same time.

Better Sound Quality

One of the most limiting factors of online lessons is poor sound quality. Most platforms filter out the low frequencies of the voice, heavily degrading it. Our platform doesn’t discriminate between baritones and sopranos.

Screen and Document Sharing

We can mark up your music and lyrics as you watch in real time. Gone are the days of long, annoying cycles of marking, scanning, and emailing. Lessons are just better when they flow.

Less Lag

If you have a fast enough internet connection, this platform is low latency with very little delay.


Requirements on your end for online singing lessons

We’ve optimized voice lessons as much as we could on our end, but there are some aspects of online voice lessons that are out of our control. Here’s what you’ll need:

Call For Inquiry

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01. Fast Enough Internet

In order to ensure you have a worthwhile experience, we ask that you make certain you have enough bandwidth. We recommend 500 kbps. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry! Just go to this website and test your connection.

02. A Webcam

Most computers these days have built-in cameras, but in case you don’t, we recommend The Logitech 9000 series.

03. The Ability to download software

Because web-based video chat software is worse-quality than desktop software, we ask that you download the platform we use for lessons.