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We started developing The Inside Voice two years ago, we had two goals.

Molly’s Music has been teaching music to kids and adults in Orange Country for over a decade. When we started developing The Inside Voice two years ago, we had two goals: to make the service effective, and make it affordable. The Inside Voice isn’t just traditional music lessons plus the internet. It’s an entirely different approach to voice lessons. We use technology as a supplement, not a substitute. Give it a try and let us help realize the true potential of your voice.

Mix expertise and creativity...

And the result is a completely new way to experience voice and music lessons. We use technology as a supplement, not a substitute. You won’t believe what your voice is capable of until you try!

Expert vocal coaching is as close as your laptop...

You’ll grasp the technical, creative, and practical sides of singing.

How The Inside Voice Works
Evidence–based methods to realize the true potential of your voice.

Pocket Lesson

A pocket lesson leverages technology that’s been around for over twenty years to connect you to your teacher. Using a phone, or a webcam, or a tablet, or, really, whatever, you film yourself singing any song you like, in any style you like, and then you share that video with your teacher. The lesson itself is Picture-in-picture style, so you’ll get to see your performance as your teacher is chiming in with helpful tips, and personalized instructions.

Live Lesson

Well, that depends. If you live in Southern California, and you feel up to driving, a live lesson is what takes place in one of our studios—pianos, professional mics, and all. If you don’t live in SoCal, or if you do live in SoCal and don’t feel like driving, then your “live” lesson is a live stream.

Vocal Exercises & Instructional Vids

Like every other physical activity, exercise paves the way for improved performance. We’ve recorded hundreds of vocal exercises (with more added all the time), so you can improve your range, power, agility, and coordination. As well as, professionally produced videos cover a variety of topics in an authoritative but accessible manner. Subjects range from anatomy and physiology, to vocal science and contemporary styling, plus numerous others.
We believe everyone should have access to effective, professional, and affordable voice lessons.
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Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.