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Our Team

They’re an experienced, educated, and dedicated team of musicians.
How do we know that for sure? Our teachers undergo a rigorous hiring process where we evaluate their character, ability, background, and experience. We also host free workshops for our teachers on a regular basis. Music teaching isn’t a learn-it and leave-it field. It’s always evolving, and we’re committed to staying current.

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Our Teachers

Are What Set

Us Apart



Voice | Piano | Songwriting | Founder

Molly believes every voice and personality should be treated differently, and that lessons should be based on the student’s current abilities and ultimate aspirations. Molly teaches her students healthy singing habits and helps them hone their style. 



Music Coordinator | Voice | Piano

Having studied under a variety of vocal coaches over the years, Mairead knows exactly what it takes to establish an atmosphere of trust, comfort, and above all else, fun.



Voice | Guitar | Piano |Drums | Songwriting

Janet loves to create a personalized environment for each of her students- catering to their learning style, skill level and musical interests. She wants to give her students the tools they need to be the best musicians they can be. 



Music Coordinator | Voice |Piano

Celia is a classically trained vocalist and musical theatre performer from Indio, CA. Celia wants students to have a safe space to feel creative and express themselves.



Guitar | Voice | Bass | Piano | Drums | Songwriting

Michael loves to share his passion for music through teaching, with experience in teaching a wide range of students. Michael believes in helping students become skilled musicians who find their own individual and creative styles.



Voice | Guitar |Piano

Liam graduated from UCLA and since graduating has attended the Estill voice workshop. Liam is incredibly excited to start his journey with Molly’s music, and to continue to expand his musical knowledge.

Aidan M

Aidan M

Voice | Guitar | Piano

As a teacher I work to find what each student wishes to learn and help them to achieve their individual goals, while broadening their musical perspective.

Emma W.

Emma W.

Voice | Ukulele | Guitar | Piano

I always want my students to understand why their voice works the way it does and thus how to work with and control it. In order to truly understand how to mature and progress our voices, understanding them is key.

Daisy D.

Daisy D.

Voice | Guitar | Piano | Ukulele

What I hope for all aspiring musicians is that they can find their own voice and grow as an artist.

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Our Teachers

A Few Reasons Why Our Teachers are the Best


Our teachers have one or more college degrees related to music, or the educational and performance equivalent.

Background Checks

Each one of our Molly’s Music teachers on staff receive thorough background checks, and go through an extensive interview process. The safety and security of our students is very important to us — and it should be important to you.

Vocally Trained

All of our music teachers are voice teachers. Most of them are also experts at another instrument. We became a singing-centric institution organically, when it dawned on us that voice is the central element to so many musical domains.

Musical Versatility

They excel in everything from Bel Canto opera to electronica and most things in between. We can accommodate almost any genre you like, but we’re not afraid to tell you if we can’t (we’re still working on finding someone who can teach healthy Tuvan throat singing).

Continued Education

Since we regularly host free music pedagogy workshops for them, they are constantly changing and improving. Music is always changing, and so should music pedagogy. Think of music pedagogy as a means to an end—a toolbox you can use to attain the sound you want. We are always developing new tools to achieve new sounds and styles.


Our teachers are reliable. A predictable lesson schedule is just as important for our students’ progress as a musically gifted instructor, so during the hiring process, we look for reliability as much as we assess music background. We know the stereotype about unreliable musicians, but believe it or not, dependable rock stars are out there, and we’ve tracked them down for you!






What Parents & Students are Saying

We have been so happy with Molly’s Music! Even through tough financial times, we have made a commitment to continue lessons because we know how beneficial it is. It has helped our daughter to gain confidence and her love for singing and music grows stronger each lesson!

Joanne G.


I was wary of singing lessons at first, but I am SO thankful that I made the choice to come to Molly’s Music for a lesson. [My teacher] gave me some exercises that were helpful to my song choice, and after just one lesson I am feeling much better.

Grace B.

Voice Student

My daughter has been with Molly since 2008, starting with private singing and piano lessons. Since then, Molly’s group OC Glee was formed. My daughter has loved the group. She sees all the students as a second family and loves the venues she and the rest of the group sings at!

Nicki M.


Voice Lessons for the 21st Century

Traditional voice lessons are great! The Inside Voice is Better.