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Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting Lessons
and Workshops

Ever wish you could write your own songs? Many try to write music with the mistaken belief that songwriting ability is either something you’re born with or something you aren’t. We’re here to show you that songwriting is a learned skill that you can work at and improve like anything else.

songwriting course 

Why We Offer a
Songwriting Course

Whether you’re about the music or the lyrics, songwriting is one of the best ways to express yourself. Whether you have an eye toward a music career or just want an outlet for self-expression, we want to give you the tools to create your own music. What could be more therapeutic?

For those of you interested in the music business, songwriting is invaluable. At Molly’s Music, we specialize in voice lessons and artist development and believe that songwriting is one of the fundamental aspects of making a singer a well-rounded artist. The music industry can be a tough business for budding singers, but you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting noticed and becoming a paid performer if you can write your own songs.

Songwriting Course

The Anatomy of a Popular Song

If melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics are individual cells of a popular song, verse, chorus, and bridge are the organs. We’ll talk about what defines these elements, and how they interact. Then, you’ll delve into creating your own.

How to Grab Your Listener with Hooks

Hooks are the little snippets of song that lodge in your head and never let go. They make up the main ingredient of a song’s secret sauce, even if we, as listeners, have a love-hate relationship with them. We’ll listen to some relentlessly catchy hooks, and then try our hands at writing our own.

Songwriting Workflow & Knowing Where to Start

Like nearly everything in life, getting started is half the battle. If you’ve ever sat down and tried to write a song, you’ll know there’s nothing quite as hostile as a blank piece of paper. Should you start with the melody? The chords?? The lyrics?! We’ll examine the pros and cons of each so you can access your creativity and hit the page writing.

Which Chord Progressions are King and Why

There have been thousands of popular songs that have made it to the charts over the years, but you’d be surprised at how many drastically different songs use the same chord loops. We’ll look at a few of these common loops, talk about the moods and styles they convey, and discuss how we can use them in our music.


Frequently Asked Questions

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01. where are the classes located?

Private songwriting lessons are offered at all of our Orange County studios. Our seasonal group songwriting workshops are typically held at our Costa Mesa location.

02. Do I need to be able to play an instrument?

No. Knowing an accompaniment instrument before you join the class is helpful, but if you don’t, your teacher will play piano or guitar while you write your own lyrics and melody. Alternately, we can teach you some basic chords on the keyboard, ukulele, or guitar to get you started. 

03. What age is the class intended for?

Ages 10 to 88 years old. The class is truly designed for any one, of any age wishing to expand their knowledge and build on the foundational basics of songwriting. 

04. How do I sign up?

For private songwriting lessons, contact us now or get on the announcement list for our next songwriting workshop.

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