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May 5th2019

Spring Recital

Thank you for choosing and supporting Molly’s Music,
we wouldn’t be here without you!


Everyone who performed at the Spring 2019 Recital will receive their FREE video.
No need to do anything else. Anne will email you a YouTube link along with your personal photo gallery once it has been processed.

Photo Bundle


Includes ALL photos

*Photos sent via Frame.io Slideshow

Deluxe Video


Includes Premium Audio

Full multi-cam video editing

Color correction

Camera cuts queued to music

Title card

Deluxe Video & Photo Bundle


Full price


Includes Deluxe Video & ALL Photos

Upgrade Your Media

Please note your photos are not accessible on this website! You will need to reference the email Anne sent to you that contains a link to Frame.io. You will be able to view your personal photo gallery there. Also, note that each image has a ‘name’ located directly above the image, that will be the ‘name’ you use to request your FREE photo.

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