Studio M

What is Studio M All About?

Using our Just Sing principles, Studio M gives 7 to 13-year-olds a chance to socialize, harmonize, and perform in a group inspired by the hit ABC show Glee. The group performs music from a huge range of genres. To stay current, we let members choose their songs democratically.

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Studio M gives youths and teens the exciting opportunity to perform relevant music in a supportive group atmosphere. Members hone performance techniques on such notable stages as the Orange County Fair.


There’s a specific type of musicianship that you can only get from performing in a group. When everyone is relying on each other, members must dial in their pitch, rhythm, and coordination, so they can act as one voice.

Community Service

Among the many places Studio M performs is charitable events, and senior homes. It’s a perfect way for members to practice performance in a non-judgemental arena, while serving their community in a meaningful way.


We decided on the large age range for the group because it minimizes competitiveness and backbiting and gives the younger kids something to aspire to. The older kids and teenagers become teachers themselves, helping the youngest members learn their parts.


For Joining Studio M

If you’re a kid or teen in the Orange County area, and you’re interested in becoming a part of Studio M, we’d love to have you come join us! Before we meet you, make sure you meet all of the requirements below:

  • You’re between the ages of 7 and 13

  • You have basic singing experience; that is, you think you can memorize a song.
  • You can make it out to our hour-long rehearsals every Thursday at 5:30pm at our Costa Mesa studio or every Wednesday at our Irvine Studio.
  • You’re willing to practice your songs at home at least twice a week. 

How Do I Sign Up?

If Studio M sounds like something you’d love, we’d be happy to arrange a time to meet at our Costa Mesa studio or Irvine studio. Membership is discounted for students also enrolled in private lessons. Here’s what to expect:

  • At the first meeting, we’ll just have you jump right in. There’s no better way for you to see whether the group is a good fit for you than by meeting the other singers and joining the fun.
  • After Studio M, your teacher will have a short conversation with you about how you felt and what kinds of songs you might want to sing.
  • That’s it! If you enjoyed yourself, let us know that you’d like to join, and then come back and sing with us the next week!

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