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Molly’s Music Presents

Vocal Bootcamp

Take your singing to the next level with a month of open clinic group singing classes in conjunction with private lessons. Your voice will thank you.

  • Ages: 8 – 16
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Private & Group Voice Instruction
  • 2 Orange County Locations

Program Offered: July 6 – August 17

How It Works

You’ll get 4 open clinic vocal performance classes and 4 half-hour private voice lessons to be used within 6 weeks during the summer.

Where and When is it?

We know how busy summer schedules are. That’s why we’ve created a bootcamp that has flexible scheduling and multiple locations. Your private lessons can take place at any of our three locations, Orange, Costa Mesa, or Irvine, and your open clinic classes can take place at either Costa Mesa or Irvine.


8 –16

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What You’ll Learn

With a winning combo of private voice lessons that focus on healthy vocal technique and group lessons that focus on the performance aspects of your song, you’ll cover the following and more:

  • Healthy vocal technique, in the style of your choice
  • Breath Control
  • Pitch Control
  • Brightening Your Voice
  • Projecting Your Voice
  • Agility
  • Vocal Exercises
  • Honing Your Style
  • Nailing Your Song
  • Performance Technique
  • Conquering Your Fears


Q: What if I'm already a private student?

A: You can choose to add a second private lesson per week so that you’re doing 2 private singing lessons and one group class each week, or you can simply add the group classes to your existing lesson schedule for a prorated cost.

Q: I've never worked on my singing before. Is this for me?

A: Yes! Our Vocal Bootcamp is the perfect place to get your feet wet with a wonderful new skill.

Q: I already perform regularly. Is this a good use of my time?

A: Yes! Our teachers are equipped to work with all levels, so whether you’ve only sung in the shower or are a seasoned performer, we’ll help you up your game.

Q: I think I might be tone deaf. This is probably not for me, right?

A: You aren’t tone deaf (unless you’re one of the 4% of the population who’s been diagnosed with amusia). You just haven’t learned the coordination necessary to match pitch yet. We promise, we’ve never had a student who’s taken lessons diligently for more than a few months not get on pitch. You won’t be the first.

Visit Us

419 E. 17th Street #204
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Call Us

(800) 581 – 4609

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